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Differences of Vibram & Gore Materials

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Lately, many people have chosen to get closer to nature when on vacation. For example climbing mountains, or just traveling to visit tourist objects or historical places. This certainly cannot be separated from walking. When traveling we have to pay attention to the footwear we wear whether it’s comfortable or not for long walk. Do not let your activities, caused injure, blisters or ached and discomfort to your feet.

There are lots of shops that sell shoes made from gore tex and vibram. Gore tex and vibram materials have their own use, disadvantages and advantages.


Vibram soles are made of vulcanized rubber, it has a very strong resistance and grip. Initially Vibram was made specifically for outdoor sports, especially mountaineering. Vibram soles are used by many manufacturers of sports shoes, especially outdoor sports, because of their durability and strong grip. Vibram soles are also highly abrasion resistant because they use rubber compounds that have been retread with advanced technology. Vibram sole has proven its toughness in various fields and in many mountains in the world. In addition to sports, Vibram also produces soles for casual / everyday shoes, work shoes, safety shoes for industry, special military shoes, and many others.


Gore tex is a very strong shoe soles, and water proof. This shoe material can be said to be almost the same as the quality of crocodile skin. Because the material is waterproof, it will feel hot on the feet when used for too long, whether it’s in the middle of silence or walking.

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