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About SMID

Since 2000, PT Soles Multi Idea has been producing outsoles for national and multinational brands with capacity up to 2 million pairs / year.
The outsole manufacturing process is supported by our professional team, and special lab to test the durability of incoming materials including, Tensile Strength, Elongation, Abration, Specific Grafity, Melt Flow Index and Flex Crack Test.
The use of modern technology such as Italian Static Machine, Taiwan Rotary Machine and the choice of quality raw materials, namely; TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), TC (Thermo Cell), PVC (poly vinyl Chrolide) and Phylon are some of our advantages.

Vision :

“Becoming an innovative and leading shoe sole company in Indonesia.”

Mission :
1. Providing innovative and high-quality outsole (high quality, right price, on time) in order to give the right value to the customer.
2. Offering solutions with a good communication process that is oriented towards long-term relationships with all consumers.
3. All activities are always guided by our company value, Effective, S.P.I.R.I.T and Fun for a positive influence to all shareholders and consumers throughout Indonesia.



PT. SMID always do all activities based on our corporate culture, namely “EFFECTIVE, S.P.I.R.I.T & FUN”

  • 1


    Do everything on time, effective and right on target.

  • 2


    Prioritizing the principle of communication that is mutually beneficial for all parties, in decision making.

  • 3


    Initiative, think positively and act actively, so that it affects the situation and conditions in the workplace to be more productive.

  • 4


    Carry out all activities correctly and honestly consistently with or without supervision.

  • 5


    Committed to complete all work that has been determined quickly, accurately, responsively and dare to admit mistakes.

  • 6


    Doing work with constructive, solutive and progressive ideas for sustainable development in producing high value products.

  • 7


    Synergize with all departments that have different abilities and backgrounds, but have the same goals.

  • 8


    Do all activities with a joyful, while remaining focused on the target work and responsibilities.

SMID Customer Gathering

PT SMID held Customer Gathering as an appreciation for our customers and Tax Amnesty socialization. This event is also a support for our customers that are loyal.


PT SMID has a regular training to improve the performance and professionalism of our staffs. One of them is “Professional Salesmanship Training Programs” as an effort to provide sales process comprehension to have a maximum impact on the company’s sales.


PT SMID always holds company gatherings monthly for our staffs, to build a solid teamwork, strengthen relationships between employees and build togetherness.


PT SMID always participates in exhibition events as an effective means of introducing products to the public. In addition to the effective introduction of new products, we also used the exhibition to introduce innovations from SMID.


PT SMID selalu membuka pintu kantor selebar-lebarnya untuk seluruh customer lama maupun baru yang ingin melakukan berkolaborasi maupun konsultasi bisnis di industri persepatuan.

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