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3 Types of Comfortable Outsole

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Most customers only see the outer style when choosing shoes without paying attention to the small details such as the soles used. In fact, each shoe has soles made from different types of material. Here are the most commonly used types of outsole:

  1. Rubber
    Rubber soles, as the name suggests, are made of rubber material that is heated and printed. The advantages of these soles are elastic, waterproof, and tend to last longer. Furthermore, rubber material is relatively cheap compared to other materials.Rubber soles are commonly used for all types of shoes, although they are not good for sports shoes because slippery. The disadvantage of the rubber sole material also lies in its weight. This sole is considered to be the heaviest amongst other soles.
    Polyrethine material is anti-slip, light and oil resistant compared to other sole. This pu sole is quite expensive, and also has an expired date. And when it does, the sole will break by itself like a piece of bread if it left for a long time.
  3. Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
    This material is considered as the most convenient and easiest to customize the thickness according to the factory needs. EVA is usually produced as a material for soles and other shoe parts. This type of plastic is the lightest among other types of sole.
  4. Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
    TPR (thermo plastic rubber) is a mixture of plastic and rubber, but this sole type lack of elasticity. This type of soles are suitable for waterproof shoes, because the material uses a mixture of plastic and rubber so the soles are not slippery.
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